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Courthouse Restrictions

December 19, 2016:  Chief Judge Jane E. Magnus-Stinson has issued a new General Order and Public Notice in the matter of court security.  All individiuals who work or have business in a federal courthouse in the Southern District of Indiana are advised to acquaint themselves with the information contained within the General Order and Public Notice. 

      General Order in the Matter of Court Security
      Public Notice Regarding Court Security
Photo ID Requirement:

All persons are required to show a valid U.S. government issued identification card (federal or state) before being allowed entry to federal courthouses in the Southern District of Indiana.  At a minimum, the identification card must show the person’s photo, name, and date of birth.


Beverage Prohibition:

All liquids and beverages are prohibited from being brought into any federal courthouse in the Southern District of Indiana.

      Courthouse Beverage Policy